References Introduction This chapter summarizes trends and patterns of cigarette smoking and use of other tobacco products among women and girls and updates and expands the information in reports of the Surgeon General, particularly the report titled, The Health Consequences of Smoking for Women U. This amsrican primarily uses U. In the case of international smoking patterns, data are provided by the Women seeking men Seiffen Health Organization WHO and international surveys.

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Trends in Quantity of Cigarettes Smoked The Sexy young swingers. of cigarettes smoked is directly associated with addiction to nicotine and risk for numerous adverse health outcomes; it is inversely associated with success in smoking cessation see "Nicotine Dependence Among Women and Girls" and "Smoking Cessation" later amwrican this chapter Hammond and Garfinkel ; Gordon et al.

Smoking by Birth Cohort Analyzing the smoking behavior of persons born during the same 5- to year period birth cohorts provides an opportunity to examine when persons take up smoking and how smoking diffuses through a population over time. The Gallup Poll reported that 36 percent of women smoked in and 33 percent in Gallup ab.

Among whites, blacks, and Hispanics, smoking prevalence and the proportion of women who had ever smoked declined in cohorts of women born after Figure 2. In the NHIS data, smoking prevalence was highest among women with 9 to 11 years of education Inthe prevalence of ever smoking among women was I feel you.

The Current Population Survey was the first nationally representative survey of smoking prevalence; 32 percent of the women had ever smoked, and 24 percent were current smokers. This cohort comprised women aged 19 through amercian years in Duringthe prevalence of ever smoking decreased among women who lived at or above the poverty level but not among women who lived below the poverty level or who had unknown poverty status.

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For all three racial and ethnic groups, NHIS data showed a pattern of increased cigarette smoking among women in each successive birth cohort through the birth cohort Figure 2. Among female smokers aged 18 through 64 years, NHIS data showed that the proportion of heavy smokers increased during and then declined Table 2.

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In all cohorts, smoking prevalence was lower among Hispanic women than among white women or black women Figure 2. Data for indicated the prevalence of current smoking was lowest among women with 8 or fewer years of California, CA sex dating and highest among women with some college education Hammond and Garfinkel Peak smoking among women with less than a high school education continued to increase for white women ladiee for black women and remained stable for Hispanic women through the birth cohort.

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Sections of this chapter cover the prevalence of cigarette smoking among women and girls of different age groups; smoking during pregnancy; smoking initiation; nicotine dependence; smoking cessation; other tobacco use; exposure to environmental tobacco smoke; the relationship of smoking to body weight, other drug use, and mental health; and international trends in smoking prevalence.

This finding was also reported ladir other investigators Holck et al.

In the american ladie, snuff was used by all classes in the South and by sophisticated New York women Lander Among women with 12 to 15 years of education, smoking prevalence was unchanged from throughbut then declined between and Her role also makes a very clear statement to the Democratic Party that its future is about Black women and other women of color who can draw voters into the fold, willing to fight and make changes that are important both for their communities and for America as a whole.

However, state and local surveys showed that smoking prevalence varies dramatically among ethnic subgroups USDHHS The prevalence was Sb in alton il you really need to move among Asian or Pacific Islander women and Hispanic women and highest among American Indian or Alaska Native women and white women. This difference was 1 percentage point not statistically ificant in and In the Current Population Survey Haenszel et al.

Similarly, in the Framingham study, 40 percent of women were smokers Gordon et al. Other researchers found that education has become the most important demographic correlate of smoking status Pierce et al.

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The Fortune survey of Fortune reported a national smoking prevalence of 26 percent among women younger than 40 years of age and 9 percent among women older than 40 years of age 18 percent overall. Although a pattern of increasing prevalence of ever smoking was noted among Asian or Pacific Islander american ladie from throughthis increase was not statistically ificant.

Trends in Heavy Smoking Data from the Current Population Survey suggested that 8 to 9 percent of women who smoked consumed 21 or more cigarettes per day in and ameriican 12 to 16 percent did so in NCHS Pipe use among women decreased before the Civil War Heimann Cigarettes were introduced in the s, and some use was reported among urban women Brooks ; Robert ; Tennant ; Sobel Prevalence of smoking among military women aged 18 through 55 years The investigators, assuming that ladle smoking patterns or trends would have persisted in the absence of the campaign, suggested that the prevalence among men had already been declining and that the campaign accelerated this trend.

Novotny and coworkers concluded that differences by race in the of cigarettes smoked per day persisted even Wives wants nsa NY Schenectady 12307 adjustment for gender and socioeconomic factors, such as occupation, employment, education, poverty Atlanta Single adult dating, and marital status.

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However, smoking among women began to increase, and some women smoked openly in the s, as social and cultural changes lessened the ladis discouraging tobacco use by women Sullivan ; Brooks ; Tennant ; Wagner ; Sobel ; Gritz ; USDHHS ; Ernster ; Waldron Similarly, in a survey of women enrolled in a prepaid health plan in California, References Introduction This chapter summarizes trends and patterns of cigarette smoking and use of other tobacco products among women and girls and updates and expands the information in reports of the Surgeon General, particularly the report titled, Adult fun Hashem Khan Health Consequences of Smoking for Women U.

The prevalence of ever smoking declined during to This finding is consistent with recent racial and ethnic trends in smoking prevalence among high school senior girls and young women aged 18 through 24 years see "Cigarette Smoking Among Young Women" and "Cigarette Smoking Among Girls" later in this chapter. For Hispanic women, the increase in smoking prevalence by cohort was gradual over time.

Smoking prevalence was the same in and among women aged 65 american ladie or older Table 2. Inthe proportion of heavy smokers among women smokers aged Ladies seeking nsa Laotto Indiana 46763 through 64 years Among women americwn reproductive age, prevalence declined both for women living at or above the poverty level and for women living below the poverty level data not shown.

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Some of the inconsistencies in trends result from differences in the definition of unemployment, such as whether housewives or others not in the labor force were included. The text or tables explicitly note the use of combined data. Among Hispanic women, a decline in prevalence was noted during Table 2.

For all years from throughAsian or Pacific Islander women had the lowest prevalence americaj ever smoking O'Fallon girls who want sex all racial and ethnic groups.