Saying goodbye to an old friend stings. On the morning of Dec. Take a moment to allow the year-old inside of you let out a Granny dating sex Chicago sob; think about the bulletin you wish you could post to your MySpace about how unfair it is that the messaging platform of your youth is no more. Don't hold back.

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Aol will open chat rooms to on-line advertisements

Ain't that the truth. Honestly, I didn't realize that AIM hadn't already shut down for good years ago.

Aol chat room listings

Users clicking AOL's "Find a chat" icon report that it produced a list of chat rooms in which every room had exactly the same name But as happens with most technologies, AOL said it was time Beautiful couple wants sex Springdale move on and, for anyone who cjat yet to sever the ties, to finally say goodbye. Perhaps AOL feels that keeping coverage out of the mainstream media is enough AOL posted to its website five days ago they would be ending the once popular instant-messaging service this Friday.

Aol chat room listings

Because you're an adult now, the world is cruel, and wait — I have to ask — who was still on AIM, anyway? There was a standard setup on your Windows 95 desktop: AIM minimized while you custom-coded your MySpace layout and listened to music playing on LimeWire.

Aol chat rooms

Sexy trans women You probably used it at work, maybe you ventured into a chatroom out of curiosity. That's probably the most early era sentence I've ever penned. Next time you visit AOL's chat rooms, remember the day the chat stood still. On the morning of Dec.

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for another image Other Recent Attacks. The hackers -- and even some subscribers -- are publicly opining that AOL is powerless qol prevent the assaults.

Aol chat room listings

Pure, even. The two images below were taken at different points during the evening. It seems so simple now.

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Like get-home-from-school-slam-your-backpack-down-and-run-straight-for-the-computer life. I used to text my friends to get on AIM as soon as they could.

Aol chat room listings

It was too expensive. News first broke that AIM would see its last months in October of this year.

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I made custom Buddy Icons in Microsoft Paint. The day the chat stood still.

Aol chat room listings

I had something lkstings important to tell them, but I wasn't allowed to send more than a few texts a month. One was reminded that, once again, AOL's performance issues are completely out of the subscribers' hands.

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The screen names were embarrassing, your away messages were dramatic, and your "about me" section included the lyrics to "Wonderwall" in a customized Regular person seeks same color. Contact Sara DiNatale at sdinatale tampabay. Take a moment to allow the year-old inside of you let out a deep sob; think about the rom you wish you could post to your MySpace about how unfair it is that the messaging platform of your youth is no more.

Aol chat room listings

With 13 million users, several would inevitably witness the chat room hack -- and five AOL Watch readers came forward to share their recollections. : AIM announces it will end services "We know there are so many loyal fans who have used AIM for decades; and we loved working and building the first chat app of its kind since ," the company wrote.

Aol chat room listings

Don't hold back. Both paid homage to my fav band, Blink For the record: I know non-millennials used AIM, too.

Chat room listings

I briefly stopped spelling words correctly, typing baby as "BaBii" and replacing "O" with zero and "S" with "z. This marks the culmination of an ongoing streak in which at least 34 different AOL content areas have been affected since April of Saying goodbye to an old friend stings. But for most people who are now in their 20s and early 30s, AIM was a way of life.