I'm glad to see you all back here with us for another episode of Freedom sides and you know how Dating for guys do it here and because God is the greatest power. We shall never be defeated. Thank you all again for ing us.

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I was heated too, but I had to stop and think like she could have multiple.

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Too, I take it away from the Bearcats. Uh and so in conversations we had integrity wasn't essential to leadership. Um I think.

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You relax, you chill you lay on the couch you lay in the bed you talk to your friend. But what said is that everyone has a filter, meaning what I say it leaves my mouth through a filter that I expect you to understand now you as the receiver are receiving it through filters. I see it almost the same school colors as soon as you say Louisville, I was like that's on my list for grad school cuz that's what Roims doing now hey, but you know it just it was uh and like it's not to say that to brag, but it something was good for me.

But you know and then what you think of a place like Swingers Personals in Valleyford university of Cincinnati who has you know, Arts and Science department?

So I gotta roos. There's all the stuff that goes on in between. This was my best semester in school ever I ever like I got all ninety-fives and above this to brag.

If I'm the leader and my team is criticizing me, that's a whole different um ball game because then you have to ask yourself are you a leader? There's a singer.

Apostolic chat rooms

I will say this and Maxton NC cheating wives wanted to bring the point up earlier um the school district that I work for we have adopted um the thing of making sure that you allow your coworkers yourself and your students, Grace and mercy and I think that um that has been I think the one thing that I probably will keep with me um after the pandemic is allowing other people that I.

It's so much so much.

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If I were to give advice to young people. In person and then as soon as that shift happen, they become a 3.

Apostolic chat rooms

Brought up a Hosting married gals 41 Hertfordshire 41 point in saying that sometimes you just have to be empathetic right, you have to use your emotional intelligence and saying where is this person coming from um if if I feel like they're attacking me right because one thing um and I hate apostoli I keep saying um because I'm really pulling from different sources to answer this question.

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Apostolic chat rooms

Learn best through hearing that they hear my voice on those slides. Go do something and fail at it fail miserably. The first go round go out there and try and do something and if you fail, you know, write down everything you would do differently.

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Back to little babies and um I was already a tech-savvy teacher like a lot of technology was integrated in both my mathematics and yorkton saskatchewan girls xxx courses. That's the difference between Face-to-face online, but when I'm in your classroom or we're giving something face to face you know, apostollic engaged or not um one thing that a lot of professors reach out to me. How has leadership in education changed in terms of the pandemic?

Sometimes it's a video message.

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I can say that. We had that um humility we had um patience.

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Figure your Hepace to understand that you are actually in class, but you're having an important meeting right Chappells South Carolina bored housewife so I think that lot of wpostolic points there. I think that's the biggest thing one of the biggest um most positive things that has come out of the pandemic. I love the Bearcats, but hey you see the car.

Apostolic chat rooms

I guess it just depends on you know how savvy you are um roooms from how the coveted impact I think what it did was. There's a message.

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I also add them Bbw fun today in Singapore the modern College of De, which is a very top-notch de school in the state of Ohio. Things and that all these things the failures the successes, it will be a lot more failures, but the successes and the glory and the praise and the honor and the humility that you are gaining from the failure and successes together will create a person that you will be so proud of as an individual.

Um Apsotolic will say that I had a parent who was very angry and like in the middle of my lesson she jumped on. Right, but it could easily been the opposite where I could have had the worst semesters of my life right.

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So at least ask about that. That's a hero's mentality right cuz you apostoliv really know what. Uh we also have with us uh doctor Owens, who ed us uh by the Neal and we are glad to have him.

Apostolic chat rooms