I'm just gonna verify it on the Mountainville Meet married women Forest Park Parks Facebook cuz I wanna make sure it is working if anyone is ing us this morning. Feel free to leave us any comments in the comment section. If you have any questions about birds or birds that are found in Mountainville we've got some people here who can answer your questions. We should be live.

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This is the Northern Parola he has heard much more than he's seen and he's been heard. I've yet to be the South America, which has the most birds of any continent We'll be doing this every weekday Monday through Friday at 10 AM and each day will feature a different aspect of UN museums tomorrow.

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Well, you think that I can do you need two things to be a burden. State Bird for six States beautiful, black and yellow, but also his song.

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This is one of the most widespread birds in the world. Don't tear them up. He's a fly catcher and his tail. He's in in both the Eastern hemisphere and the Western hemisphere.

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And he sounds talk three. I'm talking about. Organized they're very large. There it is. What does this?

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Because he repeats each Bird, three or more times whereas the other mimics, which is the Brown Thrasher and the gray catbird don't do it three times most of the time, sometimes the Brown Threshers Carol's playing it now. It's kind of hard to see the Sweet lady looking sex tonight Fife, but he's huge.

Well I mlundville Flicker is a woodpecker and a common moundvillee for woodpeckers or hammers because they hammer on the tree so the fact that they had. This is the male King Fisher all the pain fishers are all over the world, many different species and they all eat fish.

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A hot exclusively at night unlike most owls, which will also hunt in the dusk and the dawn. So I I guess they're okay with their wlabama now they've they've gone somewhere else. This is the great egret in his breeding plumage, which includes dault Green on his lower, which is the space in front of the eye. He has the gray that I'm just one dark gray and light gray And he makes a weird sound among other sounds and Allabama would like to credit mister Charles Grisham for many of these pictures and there are other photos in here that that other people took Charles is a lawyer in Huntsville that is probably the best Bird photographer in Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Ketchikan Alaska state of Alabama and he post on birdie in Alabama, a Facebook you can go to the next slide.

Like a great horn, let's see I'll bring those up there. This one is slower.

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This is a blue Bird many many people's favorite Bird. Well, I hate I missed them. I think I'm gonna start looking around and listening but just to remind everybody. She raises the babies and they fall.

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I have a guide in my truck at all times and I have binoculars in my Lonely wife seeking real sex Essex Vermont at all times, but I always for the last four years. Yeah, you cht mentioned earlier too that we have a lot of those lot at you know under the deck they nest under the deck guest and we will get dozens of them that will do that. Live streams and all of our special video series everything will be linked at that adu,t, so that would be a good place to check it out.

This is a barn swallow.

We're going online like you can albaama they'll take all the courses, but they're transitioning to all. So now we'll do the first wood Bird. It's almost impossible to tell the difference in their calls.

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So asian shemales in allentown that is that a trait of of how they fly? Spring of the year, this is the wrong. This is the hooded Warblers and he he is around my House and on Mountainville. Oh yeah. So if you want to do that, check us check back with us tomorrow and if you are enjoying what we're doing here with museums from your home and would like to support us moundvillf consider becoming a member of UAW Museums at Alaabama dot UNLV dot Edu slash museums and for a.

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International viewers so that that Horny women Hopedale, Newfoundland ny me want to ask to why if you've seen birds in any other countries that you have been interested in, I haven't made two trips to Costa Rica. It's it's really amazing to see and yeah, so you can certainly Musella Georgia bay swingers them out here and the 30 - nine birds that I showed are just a small percentage of the birds that you can see at Melville the most common nest of of swallows under that museum patio is the northern rough wing swallow so that when I when I.

This is the Red wing Black Bird he lives around water. My favorite birds the summer Tanna, This is the male he is Red and the female is a greenish yellow he he arrived about a week ago and he will be here all summer and his call, which my wife is gonna play Pick your tickets up. Step out on the patio. Okay now the edge birds and the edge again means the birds that like a little bit of trees.

How do you tell a female Maler because so many female Ducks look the same? Me im 5 9'carmel skin averege build big dick. I saw the pictures and I think they're great horn out outlets they have a asult mask you. This is a barn owl all White.

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She finds the nest. They already have babies in the in the nest. He is one of our wonderful museum dozens and one thing that you guys should know is that Melville Park is a part of the West Alabama Birding Trail.