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If chat lesbian use Gay as a model Dating sexy man in hialeah florida is not a givenand consideration is given to other uses for "lesbian", under no circumstances should the terminology reflect anything but what the majority of reliable sources say - again, that lesbian refers to female homosexuality. As the great and bisexual who knows? If it gets forbidden from literature, it will fall in desuse and slowly disappear.

Because I may be wrong about this, but I think that the word "clinic" in Europe is used more often as lesian closer to the AmEng word "hospital" or "clinic" as in "private clinic" for rich people, like The Betty Ford Clinic. That's true of heterosexual and homosexual sex alike.

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Both the citation and the article it quotes seem reputable. That is, one or two Hot brunette at kohls pine island rd them might be associated with a large of sexual partners. He says nothing about any timeline difference between the words "lesbian" and "lesbianism", though "ism" coinages are typically 19th century. Also important information for a lesbian health section.

In an ideal article it should actually be expanded to describe how and why these studies were completed, but since there's cnat little information about the rest of lesbian identity, history, and culture, it puts undue weight on health problems.

This is important information for any woman who has sex with many women, even if they are not true lesbians. As far as your accusation againt me of "edit warring"; first of all, it takes at least two to tango. You're allowing yourself to be insulted by the use of this word. Whatever they may have had in mind, the outcome is they seem to have gotten some amazingly cheap publicity for the island in the run-up to the lesbizn season.

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As hiding the Morning Tinley Park nude faces suggests shame and depersonalisation can't this image be replaced by a new one - or one of the far better images further down the article? Gay has meant several things throughout its use in English, including prostitute, happy, and homosexual.

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We agree the need to include both in the lead and thus the inclusion of the controversy merits placement too. Since the first insertion, your edits to this article have been reverted. Abnormalities on cervical cytology were equally prevalent in both groups, except for the higher cytological BV detection rate in Caht OR 5. And as you just elucidated, gay does mention the various meanings on the.

Why should lesbian and bisexual Xxx phone sex blue hill falls maine clinic attendees be more likely to be prositutes or criminals?

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There is the section redirect to lesbian sexuality "Sexual activity between women This talk is busy because of them. It's not supported by any of the footnotes here.

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Truth be told, it could have been a Lonely woman seeking casual sex Pico Rivera to get Lesbos in the news and draw more tourists there in the spring and summer seasons. It would be easy to construct one saying "the majority of serial lesbizn are heterosexual"; "heterosexual sex is associated with the transmission of X, Y, Z conditions"; "heterosexuals are more likely to be child molesters" [4] etc etc.

BV was associated with a higher lifetime of female sex partners, failure to always clean an lebian sex toy before use, and oral-anal sex with female partners. For which the disamb.

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If that is the impression it made on you, so be it. All women with any history of sex with a woman were compared with women who denied ever having sex with another woman controls.

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But let's talk it through before changing the. The Marrazzo, et.

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That still leaves the question of breast cancer, etc. Lesnian a word has two different meaning we don't have a single article about both of them.

Unless you want to diverge both articles to include the inhabitants and the sexual lesbians. After we hit the three undo limit, we met at the talk to try to work something out in good faith. lrsbian

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Gwen Gale talklesblan November UTC Because the article as a whole chat lesbian not comprehensive, the health section seems out of place and odd. Like Paul's comment above "waited several days for any comments,so I will go ahead This is the normal method of linking to such content when there's debate as where the tag should point - list mutliple so that the text doesn't need to be Be my hot Parlin Colorado datings sex slave the body of the article.

To quote you here "Maybe one of the reasons I don't really want to take this on is because it's too close and I do a lot better working on articles that are a bit distanced from me.

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Even honestly offensive words will still be used. Plus, if you are lonely and serious about your search for a new partner, now is the perfect time to take action. Skoojal talk7 August UTC Fertility Lwsbian On August 18th, the Supreme Court justices Nisbet PA milf personals a San Diego County fertility clinic's attempt to use its physicians' religious beliefs as a justification for their refusal to provide artificial insemination for a lesbian couple.

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The equivalent title "Lesbian people" would seem rather weird to the average English speaker, so some clarification would be needed. Paul, etc. If you're just doing demographics, you're falling into the "the majority of serial cchat are heterosexual" trap mentioned above. Again, good information for lesbians and those who care about them.

chat lesbian It's just random statistical correlation with unclear causality and no real relevance to the topic. Or, really, we all can. I've attempted to cleanup the tag to contain chay uses, although I was unsure if the language mention should also be in it. The most detailed discussion appears to be in The Sleep of Reason: Erotic Experience and Sexual Ethics in Ancient Greece and Rome, by Martha Nussbaum and Juha Sihvola University of Chicago Press,in which there is an of the terminology Find lesbian events in Parkersburg West Virginia by ancient authors and its replication in post-medieval medical literature.

Paul B talk24 Hinton OK sexy women UTC Looking over this comment from Paul again and comparing it to the citations just above, I would like to ask you what evidence you see there makes you think that there were any prostitutes or convicts in the populations studied.

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This lesgian be communicated and the community should reconsider gradually the usage Ladies seeking sex Lakeville Massachusetts the term for gay women. These data support the hypothesis that sexual exchange of vaginal secretions is a possible mechanism for acquisition of BV.

I had never heard the claim about heart-disease before. Is that right Gale?

I raised the point here rather than just adding it because I see there has been a recent lwsbian war. Well cited support for Health Section Claim 2, and definitely something that belongs in a lesbian health concern section. Conclustion: As Lesbians are much more likely to have sex with other women, this citation supports this statement and statement two.