We are just getting back into the swing of things that's been it's been a minute since my last stream of dark souls too. With Free blowjobs Coplay Pennsylvania freak is this. I think that is good, okay. We'll see how this is. So, yeah I Long story short on the last Dream I decide to do my new game plus on original Dark Souls remastered just cuz I woke up from a nap and I was Super tired so and it was like really late. Most of my main crew wasn't able to cheer me on there.

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Let us go back to it.

The castle of Ganking Tom gangs. Why rolm these? Look at this baby look at this small baby. So back to bonfire and turn right.

Like a two hand here. Start attacking me.

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Magic defense That Oh wrong way wrong way. Hurray for hollow Black Knight Great Sword is so much fun.

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Up not that curse really matters in this game. Of course, we'll give you the spear dude at this hallway.

I knew that was gonna happen. I'm just gonna try to run through this. Nightmare fuel here Whoa.

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Considering the U. By the comfort of the dark light only agitates, we have no need for him. Let's go to the first one. If the region is strategically important to NATO, that makes it strategically important to the Kremlin.

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The vision of fatty and then being pulled. Throwback to DS one. Trusty Old faithful.

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Well, I opened a bunch of doors and let's see What I could salvage from it. I will catch you on the next Dream tomorrow let's shoot for early evening. I beat Orangetheory and Smock with the lightning spear.

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I know you're playing games over and over again me too get the robust dark souls experience. Again, that's like the same level I had the last time.

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What is that guy blocking? Shit goddamn it. Fucking I'm just running. What the fuck?

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I'm trying to get all the boss weapons cuz I really want that arterial sword the fuck. Damn it. Okay, it looks like I'm gonna rom to use a lot of the torch so I can't use something that's too handed keep weight. Yeah, just for semi it is a semi. So used to my dark siuls, remastered stats look pretty baller there and this one I'm just a potato. Yeah, try escaping Housewives wants real sex Lupton Mammoth huh. Inventor to the farms. Oh, that was nice.

Just what I need. I'm so happy to be reunited with my dragon tooth.

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Rated indicator, No, I guess not was I supposed to get raided. Cheeks lunch Whoa. Could you see you out? And now I'm getting destroyed by these guys. I can tell the story of why it was crucial that I had to beat the both using only the lightning spear. That could be like that too. What are you doing here?

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A that with a new administration we can confront these threats on a bipartisan basis with a united front here at home. Now, this is the church that's not it. Biden's ire toward the White House did not extend to the Capitol, however.