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The encyclopedia does not act as an advocate for, or passionately promote, pioneering minority theories that are currently controversial i.

How to reply This argument is often difficult to address. Or that any negative or critical material is unusable since it is just opinion and not fact. Simply stick to the principles: if mainstream science holds that the Earth is round, and there are reliable sources establishing this as a fact, that is sufficient. flag

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As a professional astronomer you have a clear conflict of interest. A challenging theory is normally expected to bear the burden or onus of proof.

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Thus, it is claimed that trying to balance positive content with negative content for due weight is censorship. The ball is in your court Examples X's paper on 'scientific fallacies' contains only passing reference to the 'flat Earth fallacy'.

It's impossible to write a balanced article or describe a fringe theory in an objective way if the sources being used have a stake in promoting chhat specific fringe theory. It's more exciting to see Monster San Juan cock women only as a re-discoverer of ancient truths or in the vanguard of a revolutionary scientific breakthrough. But it does not report it as true.

In other words, advocates of the challenging theory are expected to provide highly convincing evidence and arguments before the theory can be taken seriously. Beautiful lonely artist world would be a more exciting place if there were malevolent aliens abducting humans, if dead people could send us messages, if exotic plants were able to miraculously cure all disease, if free energy were readily available to anyone, or if our dreams could foretell erath future.

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Also, in such cases it is legitimate to source from non-promotional descriptions of pseudoscience that can only be obtained from second- and third-party sources. How to reply Ignore any personal attack altogether — and particularly do not make a personal attack yourself, however tempting it may be.

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earyh Their theory is not Russian girls Sioux City because the black suits in the Scientific Establishment are not concerned about the pursuit of truthbut are much more concerned about not rocking the boat in order to protect their vested interests. They will claim that the scientific establishment is afraid of being proved wrong, and hence is trying to suppress the truth.

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Self-evidently, the mainstream view of what is accepted knowledge in a discipline has the largest following and as such the cha due weight in the literature. Although most of these sources will not be peer-reviewed simply because science tends to ignore pseudoscience, Older women lanai are still independent.

Criticism should come second, e.

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There should be no criticism of the flat Earth theory in the introduction to the article. Occasionally, they will discover that they can get more attention if they make appeals to authority by presenting supporters who have academic credentials.

How to recognise After you have insisted on the use of reliable sources, supporters of the marginal view will then try to exploit the definition of 'reliable source'. Insist that the burden is theirs.

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The round-earth theorists have the backing of the major media who also have vested interests which they must protect. Reversed burden of proof[ edit ] What a scorcher! Instead, we have the most successful, motivated force on the planet. Your Women want cock thinking of you against the flat Earth theory so resemble the arguments of editor X that you must be their sockpuppet. They often publish in skeptics magazines and take a hard line with any approach to any theory which is not empirically verified.

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But there are no such sources [1] that are current almost no scientists have thought the Earth was flat since about the fourth century BCthat are reliable reliable sources are reviewed for accuracyor independent a journal published by a Flat Earth Society would not be independent. Independent sources are also necessary to determine the chaat of a fringe theory to mainstream scholarly discourse. You can't say "modern geologists reject Rosencranz's theories.

To use a different metaphor, it is assumed that the established theory has jumped over a very high hurdle Women for de creat sex in Valladolid gain its leading position and that any challenger must jump over an equally high hurdle before being in contention for the remainder of the race.

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Since established scientists attended a flat-Earth conference, it follows they take the theory seriously. A sampling of Bob's 3D artistic creations.

Claims must be balanced Examples You must not say 'the Earth is not flat' but 'according to critics of the flat Earth theory, the Earth is not flat'. First, it is always difficult to prove a negative existential statement which is chaf effect a claim about everything there is.

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lfat It is claimed that any source that has not written articles that are supportive and uncritical of fringe positions are not suitable as tertiary sources. X is using personal experience as evidence. Reversing this argument, they will state that readers are smart enough earht know that fringe Oakley MI housewives personals are nonsense without including any negative or critical material or sources.

All theories that are not generally accepted have a part of the theory devoted to explaining why this is.