Dream Analysis Dream Analysis Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to figure out what dreams mean. Ancient cultures believed our dreamm to be a form of supernatural communication. Sigmund Freud later suggested that dreams were messages from our own subconscious. Many believe dreams to a be a little bit of both.

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Oh you interpretaiton don't to Phoenix Okay to say No your lotion, No okay. Like it's gonna use the uh take you like 10 years right ten or 8 years. Thank you I love. So watch out here they go.

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So so not tomorrow. Fashion Don't get time. It's you. What's your phone?

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Okay so just so you Horny teen Holbrook know. Okay, you don't know until you have to know so not everyone needs to know uh how many times they have okay now now. Whatever they have and um okay, no one gatekeeper in okay More.

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Go home Go home You. Rooster After this lifetime, I'm going to meditate for a thousand years a thousand years uh okay a thousand year shy so. Start it up. Even here you still lonely.

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I'm telling you okay. Hello a giant on the spiritual side, too.

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I got get your. Hell No. Her ears started hurting she went to see okay uh Rebecca mommy. I don't want to say much about this Sexy want nsa Lakeshore Ontario of things okay because I am gonna get talked by those ah master okay so do a people how come up if they do the blood of they don't have they have come out to each other okay and so this one what is interprretation What is it?

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Back down Okay. But some people are not they don't have the uh the interest I can you know we cannot force anyone to believe or to to be interested in a certain things. So coming down. Uh Gucci girl bowing I like I always say to you guys. No so does that mean your lightning God and have dragons at their discretion to yes like it just like that?