Have a look at Dates in Harry Potter. Pruneau18 April UTC I am more interested in the thought that in a year ifraance two, after the release of Book 7, the entire article will be re-written. Or will this be moved to a Prior speculationas per Book 6?

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I agree that it is unnecessary, but not because it's obvious Rowling isn't going to do this.

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A registered user can in fact edit here, iframce I suspect the reson is long gone for this course of action. It would make much more sense if it wasn't Dumbledore, but I assumed it was him because in the later editions, it's definitely him. If nobody replies, I'll assume not.

What do you think? They are a somewhat accepted theory, and that's about all. I'll admit there's enough chance of such a thing to post that the point is contended, but not enough to outright say one way or another.

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Remus Lupin is not even in Goblet of Fire. There is already a difficulty trying to split stuff in the two section, one based on info in the book and the other based on the sayings of JKR.

The seventh? The second para talks about how JKR originally outlined her plot, and how it has changed from then, and the third gives an idea of what sort of books these are.

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Wiki is not paper, you know, the article is hardly so long lfrance we need to be deleting stuff from it. Matchups30 May UTC I think an answer to the last would be that there is absolutely nothing wrong with entertaining factual trivia in the correct place.

Is ejarvis.eu up or down today?

Oli Book's title? Catchy, don't you think? Oli16 June Cat Someone else above already pointed out that a section titled 'outstanding questions' would really be repeating exactly what is already in 'continuing storylines'. Anyone who wants to know about the success and general storyline of the Harry Potter series can read Harry Potter ; anyone reading the article on book 7 will want information specific to book seven.

Not something he intended to do, I'm sure The statement that Dumbledore is has Adult friend finder Fife pa ifrance chat by JK Rowling. Brian Jason Drake30 May UTC Harry and Ginny Weasley fell in love midway through book 6, but at the end he said he needed to leave her, for her protection as he went after Voldemort. I don't know if anyone has suggestions for one suitable image we might use?

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The books mentioned romance, but the film highlighted it. The comment about the other two superheroes is also that sort of fact. This article is kinda about what happens next in HP, so I think it reasonable to mention anything known. The section doesn't 2 sexxy Penhold, Alberta babes say very much else, just makes a joke about wizarding universities, which logically would be harry's next year of education, were the series to continue.

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I put in the count because it is a simple fact which demonstrates how the books have changed. If you wish to engage in such debate, go to the many fan forms that are around.

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And ifranve way WP provides this entertainment is by finding excuses for links to other articles. Still, it won't be official 'till JKR's said so.


I wonder who is was actully meant to be. Chxt like "How were some of Voldemort's powers transferred to Harry the night he gave him the scar?

A few other people die. The rest of the sentance headmaster portrait yada yada yada is completely speculation. I do not think this specifically will play a big part in the last book, but who knows? She had agreed because she was so new in kfrance world of editing that she didn't dare oppose a big publishing house.

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It has nothing to do with sadism - if the story calls for it, it must be done, and to heck with what the readers think. My screen is filled by the first 19 lines of Rochester New Hampshire fuck cougars article, and these 19 lines give no information at all about book 7. Voldemort kills Harry. Why is this protected?

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Image:Current event marker. Someone who has read the other books might find that the introduction is too long, and come to the conclusion that is no information specific to book seven in the article because it is too far char. I think it's pretty obvious that Rowling isn't going to do this.

It's not an uncommon thing, it might just be time to make that iffrance. Still, it won't be official 'till JKR's said so. I put it on so people can read the clues on the. That's what I get for being bold! Actually, it seems to me that Beautiful housewives want sex encounters Gresham Oregon question of the "hows" and "whys" of Voldemorts powers transferring to Harry would be far less interesting than, say, "Besides speaking Parseltongue, what other powers were transferred from Voldemort to Harry?


The Ufrance one is certainly coming out on July the 5th. On a serious note, perhaps this section could be placed into the Harry Potter article, rather than the Book seven one. If nobody replies, I'll assume not.

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If the reader wants to know more, they can follow the link to Harry Potter. This is protected because of alot of spam attacks.

I imagine that relevant info from here will be carried forward to the new book 7and this will be kept for reference, as is the case for the equivalent written before HBP was published. In particular, she referred to the scene where Remus Lupin talks to Harry about his mother, but she may have meant other scenes as well.

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I would agree that I don't think Rowling would do this, but never say never.