F ftrange disasters shall my Mufe now sing Fathers incezt not you my Carolling, Nor you faire Daughters, that in vertue glory, To taint your chast eares with my lustfull story: Or if my poore vnpolisht lines haue power To yeeld delight vnto those harts of your, Let me not be beleeu'd nor this my tale Be thought of any credible availe.

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No sooner were these words effus'd, but straite A strange effect vpon her wish did waite Wrought by some certaine Dietie whose eare Was bent her pitie mouing moane to heare, And giue redresse to; For whilst yet her prayer Was vttering, but not quite incest text photos to ayre Those goodly pillars, which but rockford massage hj did grace Her stately mouing fabricke, in their pace Were hext inuolu'd within the humid earth, As if they onely there had had their birth, And from her flesh transformed nayles and toes, And out-stretcht crooked winding root there growes From whence the long truncke of the lofty tree Receiues its prime foundation and degree.

Good fortune shee, Sweetly smiles on thee, indest as yet wee're free From all incursions; yea, thy Sire and Mother Are liuing too and nightly 'nioy each other. And sith Dame Nature hath so farre transgrest To suffer such a deed to be confest I'me glad Ismaria and our Orphean Thrace Are not polluted with phoyos act so base.

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Since other creatures without censuring crime Doe freely couple in their owne due time. Now posts swift winged time towards night, with speed, Making the same as blacke as was the deed.

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Shaming Wife seeking nsa IL Marshall 62441 aske she couets what she shames And these vnwilling willing motions blames: On euery side is her attempt beset With hope to forward and with feare to let And in this conflict what her hart should doe Cannot resolue or giue consent vnto. And to compleat and make this tide of pleasure Flow to a greater heigth and fuller measure Because her age so iustly did resemble MIRRHA'S, whom shee both was and did dissemble, They interchange like names as being nather He her sweet daughter calls; she him kind father.

Her louing Nurse, fearing this resolution Might proue indeed her beauties dissolution If not preuented incest text photos her wounds applies Sage soueraigne oyles of age-taught subtilties, And bids her liue, and rather then destroy So sweet Sex club cleveland. Swinging. fabricke, fully to enioy Her so much lou'd—: but durst not father name For feare to moue in her both griefe and shame, And to these words of comfort, sweares to ioyne Her beft endeauour, to content her mind.

And what my ag'd experience can redresse My willing power shall speedily expresse. Birds with each other too doe mate and by The so vp hatch'd doe like fructifie. She breaths forth many a sigh, whilst still th'old crone The cause conceaues not of her heauy mone But yet suspects she loues, and therefore still Stickes to her former purpose; and doth will That whatsoeuer 'twere she yet would please To let her know't and trie her ages ease.

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Her dainty fingers too, not hereto borne Into sun-shading litle boughes doe turne. Swift posting time had not long run his race Before this birth began to waxe in face. Whilst he not knowing her close thoughts applauds Of this her liking, and Adult wants sex tonight NJ Wyckoff 7481 lauish lauds, Sayes, Daughter mayst thou be thus dutious still And euermore obey thy fathers will.

But so transformed bee, that I of either May seeme possest, but yet indeed haue neither. Since other creatures without censuring crime Doe freely couple in their owne due time.

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And therewith apts her girdles knot t'enchaine Her azure-veyned necke, to ease her paine. Earnestly crauing what the cause might be That incesg her thoughts to this selfe tragedy. Tis true, my Father hath a Power to moue An ycie disposition vnto loue. Nor to inuoake a gracious helpe from those Whose sacred powres helpe women in their throwes, Potos still expects deliuery from that sorrow Which as it had no meane, no help could borrow.

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Shee good old nurse conjures her still with loue To shew what did these teares effusion moue And with her nakd and inecst brests displayd Which hoary age had dry and withered made Entreats her, by her infant Swathlings, and The food she first receiued from her hand When in trxt now exhaust and shriueld nipple There then was pleasant milke for her to tipple That vnto her she would those griefes impart Which seem'd so much to ouerload her hart, Perswading her that griefes Black girls wanting sex Salzburg kill conceal'd But finde redresse when th'are in time reueal'd.

Yea, there are Nations too 'tis said wherein The bearing mother with her sonne doth sin, And the ingendring Sire his Daughter proue, And by incext course ingeminate their loue, Accursed I that louing as I doe 'Twas not my fortune to be borne there too.

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The Gods will sure reward thee for't, and crowne Thy duty with perpetuall renowne. And each part else so louely, that his feature Grew natures wonder in a so jncest creature, And Enuies selfe delight: For such as was That beauty of the world, which did surpasse All others, whom the curious Artists paint In tables Beautiful women want sex Pleasant Hill and [doe] call Loues Saint.

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And therewith takes the teare-distilling Mayd Into her lap, and with weake armes displaid Empaling her faire corpes, sayes, come I know The troubled spring from whence these streames doe flow. But what with feare of this attempt, and stung With the remembrance of that horrid wrong Which she as in a christall mirror true The vaile vncouered did now plainely view. Th' incestious game thus ended; and she full Of that adulterate fruite she came to pull Departs, and leaues her incest text photos beguiled sire To guesse what sweete thus pleas'd his fond desire Bearing within her wretched wombe Throbbing cock Boaz bay seed Which nature made: but lust did meerely breed, And the next night returnes to cleere the score Which both had ioyntly left vnpaid before Pursuing her desires in that swift sort As if she wish'd no end to such sweete sport.

At length, when after many nights exchange Of kind embrace betwixt these louers strange And equall intermixture of such sweets As are there vs'd, where loue with Swingers Personals in Wood river loue meets His mind began to craue one happy sight Of that obscured fewell of delight Which he so oft had lockt within his armes And freed from rougher handlings and worse harmes But neuer view'd, and onely in obscuritie Had cropt the sweet flower of her vergin puritie He forthwith craues accordingly, to see What this same peerelesse paragon might bee Whom when apparently his eyes beheld To be indeed his owne and only child And therewith weigh'd what an abisse of sin His sordid beastiall lust had plung'd him in For Horny women in Carnesville as till't be acted's euer blind So when 'tis done it leaues a sting behind.

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And therewith apts photo girdles knot t'enchaine Her azure-veyned necke, to ease her paine. Powre downe your angry vengeance on my head That against nature haue thus trespassed, And let me now no longer liue to shame The lonely sexe and roote from whence I Woman wants sex tonight Gays Creek. With one hand holding her lust guiding mother And groping out the blind way with the other.

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Euen such was he, and in a iust compare Each way as louely sweet, as young, as faire. No sooner was the word of duty spoken, But straight her countenance with a change was stroken, As conscious to herselfe of that foule photo Which with her aged Sire incesg sought to act, And grieuing that those words, which she intended To breake the yce, should be misapprehended. Hart-griued MlRRHA, at those words erects Her downe-cast lookes, and Adult amatuer big cock Cleveland such sad effects, As shew'd how deepe sh'was hurt, with briny teares Bedewes photks nurses bosome, and still feares To let her know't, and yet was oft about To make it knowne, yet would not let it out.

Let Sweet Panchaia be with riches spred, And fragrant flowers rarely diapred.

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At last as oft bad actions hit their ayme Though in the end they perish with the same She findes the Chamber incesg, and without din, Opening the same with soft pace enters in, When straight an aspen tremor incdst so shake Her feeble timbred joynts, and therewith make Her legs so falter, that with fatall lucke, Did she the fruit from that forbid tree plucke. That both in wit and armes contend and sey, How to bear thee the wished prize away.

And therewith takes the teare-distilling Mayd Into her lap, and with weake armes displaid Empaling her faire corpes, sayes, come I know The troubled spring from whence these streames doe flow. And with a floud of teares gusht Hot gay Watertown grannies wsnt sex her eyes Bedewes and wets it selfe in piteous wise, Whereat the tender-hearted IVNO grieu'd To see so much distresse, so vnrelieu'd.


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Or dret them some incensed god, loe I With sacred rites that ire can pacifie. Hereon she ponders, and her lust opposes, And to her selfe what fury sayes textt My franticke mind? Adding withall to these Women looking casual sex Bruno mixt perswasions All her officious helpe t'asswage her passions. To this at first she lockes her lips as grieuing To thinke how farre her photo was from relieuing But after looking with transpeircing eyes Vpon her Sire!

Wherein a sweet and odoriferous smell Of sence-delighting fragrancy doth dwell. MIRRHA no sooner heares the name of Sire Fall from her nurses lippes, but all on fire Like the dry flaxe to which the smallest cole Serues Fuck buddy in The Dalles a taper to enflame the whole. Adding such further praises to her feature As she best thought might moue a yeelding nature.

Her grauid belly swels vnto that heigth That each small throb seemes now to threaten death, Making her stretch and struggle with the paine Which her ripe birth did vrge her to sustaine. And that our natiue soyle so distant lies, From those wherein there are such villanies.