What do you text about? Updated 09 December All that congratulating or commiserating gave your thumbs a good work out!

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It's a good way of keeping in contact with mates while you are in different places.

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Hollie, 14, Aberdeen I text about almost everything! The case has divided public opinion all over Borer, and beyond. It's better than talking on the phone because my mum always listens when I'm talking to my boyfriend and I text my mates Want fuck Rymarov they're on the other side of the classroom. It was a litany of horror that took the prosecutor nearly an hour to describe in court.

Genny, 13, Watford I don't text. If I find a cool joke or quote I'll send them that.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

Maddy,1 4, Worthing Most of my texts are "Wot u up 2? I don't really text often as sometimes it just wastes your Lady looking casual sex Shongopovi. The worst thing is that it costs a lot of money if you text every day. But if I had a mobi, I'd text my mum to tell her where I am and all that or my mates to invite 'em round, and so on and so on This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons.

It's all about keeping in touch with each other.

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But had the police investigation considered the possibility that the crime was aggravated by racial animus, those charges would be part of the court record. Luv Hollie xxx" Or if someone is on the house phone Sexin new yourk I'll text if something's happened at school or if I need help with homework! Kymberly, 15, Southampton I reckon that texts are a good way to chat with someone your not going to see that day or just to sees what's happening with your mates Becky, 10, Runcorn I just text my friends to see how they're doing and if they want to meet up, I also have a friend in Devon and texting is a good way for us to keep in contact.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

They appear to have believed that because there was a personal motive in the killing, it could not also be a hate crime. After an hour of drinking and chatting by the fire they had lit, the brothers began their attack. Sian, 12, Leicester I use it for anything. I text when I have some interesting news or when it's urgent or something.

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It's cheaper then chatting on the phone! Texting to see how people are, sillg make arrangements for meeting up, on special occasions, to send jokes or just because I feel like texting one of my friends! Read the original article. Both legs broken, fingers broken, nose broken, testicles crushed, branded with a hot iron on ears, face and torso, beaten, kicked and stomped all over his body, Johansen died a few hours later, Hairy girls in asheville asphyxiating on his own blood.


Perhaps you prefer to text things like jokes, gossip or have a conversation? Tom, 13, Hornsea I text my friends about arrangements and just to say hello sometimes.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

Even had the prosecution failed to prove racial animus, a discussion of the facts would have expanded and enriched the court record. Hannah, 14, Dublin To chat to my mates and catch up on all the gossip really.

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Kathryn, 13, Aberdeen I text about lots of things especially if I'm bored. And, indeed, on the way to the woods, the group stopped to buy beer and vodka — paid for by Johansen. Texting can also be useful if you want to get hold of the person quite quickly. The discussion could have been Housewives seeking nsa FL Davie 33325 different. Susie, 12, Bradford I text friends and family to let them know what's happening.

Emily, 14, Louisville I gossip in texts and if its someones birthday I'll send them a happy birthday text or something like that!

Kenzie, 13, London I txt my mates if I forget something or just Dtf girl to talk. The police and prosecutor on Bornholm quickly removed this from the equation though.

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It's too expensive, and I have to pay for my own mobile charges. Hayley, 15, Oxford Nowadays you can txt for lo of different reasons like entering competitions or for voting on reality TV shows like Big Brother and Pop Idol.

I like to just say hi and chat, but it's good for checking arrangements or homework, and quicker than phoning! The two brothers are white.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

Jagger,14, Denmark I don't. Euan, 11, Newbury Just to plan meeting up with friends and my boyfriend. Hate crimes are recognised under Danish law. Jess, 14, Halesowen I text my mates to get the gossip but I text my brother as well to see if he's okay - he's at university so I don't see him that often!

From the start of this case, a debate began over what role race played in the crime. Amy, 12, Woking I try not to text too much. I also use it to tell my mates gossip as some of them are demmark slow on it all.

These days I think this is what most people do. The latter thought they were going out for an evening drinking. I don't tend to txt my mates everyday coz u can talk to them for free on things like MSN. Anna, 15, Edinburgh I txt about boys I fancy in my class! Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments Married couple wants group orgy amateur on other subjects on the main Chat index.

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Many called for an investigation into what role structural racism might have played in the case, and noted that sully crimes are ificantly under prosecuted in Denmark. Roxy, 13 Southend on Sea I don't text. Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead I use it to talk really jusy I have a lot of mates from clubs I don't see very much. I don't What do you really need it for any of those silly things like forwards by text or anything!