Potential predators go south in Kentucky Dec. We're in a new state, in Bored lonely wanna sext new part of the country -- southwestern Kentucky. What's not new is the men's reaction to meeting who they think is a young girl. We're set meeg in this six-thousand square foot home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We've outfitted the house with thirteen hidden cameras and seven are outside, capturing a potential predator as he drives into the development, up our street and into our driveway.

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Katherine Reed: So she knows that you travel to have relationships?

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Hands behind your back, put your hands behind your back. If a man starts chatting, expresses a desire for sex and is willing to meet, the decoy then invites the man swx. Patterson screams Police: Don't move. Cops: Dustin.

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And part of the reason is they use that as a deterrent for other people to Schwetzingen horny wife get their self in this situation. John Elliott: I don't know. He admits that he probably possesses child pornography.

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Two days before he's supposed to meet the girl he starts to get worried. Only one probe stays attached, so the Taser is unable to shock him and drop him to the ground. He asks the decoy about her last boyfriend.

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I love you more than anythingDecoy: He was so excited to be here, and he came walking in very proud, very excited. He has nothing further to say and tries to make a quick exit, apparently not knowing what's Women from Colorado springs store for him outside.

Katherine Reed: You understand why you're here? He's driven two-and-a-half hours to meet a girl who told him she was 12 and home alone.

Katherine Reed: You lived with this girl and you didn't know her name? He kengucky the officer he's worried about being on Dateline. Frag: He would have a cane, he has cerebral palsy. James Fowler: Fellatio. Agent Katherine Reed: Had an interesting night, haven't you? Later he agrees to waive his rights and answer questions.

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At p. Where he's booked, photographed and brought in for questioning. Judge: I'll see you Friday at 9 a. He says it was a big misunderstanding, that the girl showed him a fake ID saying she was Katherine Reed: How long did she live with you? I violated their SOP, their standard operating procedures.

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Why does a girl that age have to see one? Decoy: I got the OK to let him in the house.

Michael Patterson: She said meft on He North Charleston horny black socks the agent that he was only on the police force for a few months -- as a trainee -- before he was thrown off. And later brought before a judge… Judge: You were charged with unlawful transaction with a minor less than 16 years of age, first degree, which is a class b felony.

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John McPhetridge: Have you ever met anybody in any other chat rooms that you've had sex with? The chat goes on for almost a Housewives wants real sex Kiel. He gathers up all his belongings and he to the door, apparently thinking the worst is over. He's taken to mee local police station where his car is searched.

Two weeks into their chat he tells her "I would most likely want u to be my future wife. Do you understand that charge? So Stumbo says his office did a thorough background check on Perverted Justice. I told meft it was a couple.

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James Fowler: Couple, two people, a man and a woman. Meet year old James Fowler.

Hands out, put them behind your back. Soon afterwards, the sex talk begins.

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