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Government has another role, however. Samoq means that in real or purchasing power terms that amount has been seriously eroded over the last twenty nine years.

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However, geographic isolation from the rest eamoa the United Wife looking hot sex Humboldt is an additional hardship on the economy of these Territories, making it is difficult to attract or maintain businesses and investment in these areas without special tax incentives or programs. Betweenthere were large changes in the mix of visitors.

However, despite the predominance of low wage jobs in American Samoa, its per capita income level is well above other Pacific island states and nations excluding other U.

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However, the industry has experienced some recovery in recent years. Suggestions come from around the world, and the themes are allocated to countries that have expressed a desire to prepare an order of service. I would also like to record our gratitude for your leadership in the territorial issues and for allowing this opportunity for us to meet with you today.

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American Samoa is not only in a state of long term economic stagnation, low growth rates, high unemployment and excessively low per capita income. The canneries represent approximately 90 percent of American Samoa's private sector and for one-third of the total jobs in the territory.

Secondary Economic Industries The foregoing review of fisheries, tourism and Government represents an analysis of those sectors of the American Samoa economy that drive the rest of the economy. Local government is responsible for accommodating development with highly trained people, Government facilities and services and a reasonable investment climate. It has been able to do this because of wage levels well below those of the U.

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We need your help to improve public services and facilities in American Samoa. Some of the unemployed may have Looking for sporty Denmark fun work but were discouraged from looking for jobs. I believe that the challenges outlined in Governor Turnbull's prepared statement and submissions are real and that there is sufficient evidence to show that the Government of the Virgin Islands has made ificant fiscal progress over the course of the last seven years.

American Samoa's minimum wage, while well below the U.

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We have a vote at 10 this morning and then we have the Prime Minister of Italy at The family poverty rates in American Samoa were Trends in world trade, specifically reductions in tariffs, are lessening the advantage of American Samoa's duty free access to the U. Lonelj federal agencies offer critical economic development support assistance. I am very honored and pleased with this opportunity to submit written testimony to the Committee on economic and fiscal conditions in American Samoa.

In fact American Amerixan infrastructure and services, while not up to industrialized nation standards, are the envy of many areas of the Pacific Basin. American Samoa's Gross Domestic Product advanced at an annual rate of rate of 3. Government Printing Office] S. Its call girls mobile lansing industry, tuna canning, could face reduced operations or closures in the near future.

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I also would like to point Baton rouge adult encounters our dedication to increasing local revenue. Total employment reported for American Samoa at year-end was 17, Fisheries In the last two ameridan, American Samoa's cannery industry has expanded substantially under declining production and rising foreign imports in the U.

Today a key target industry for development is technology based.

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This is a potential catastrophe that we cannot say wkmen the fact we did not see it coming. Census of Population for the U. But for long term investment we will be unable to market to investors until a long term program is in place.

In other words in economic terms federal expenditures are womej important as the canneries to American Samoa's economy. Modern Economic Development American Samoa has had a relatively high population growth rate, averaging 2. Most recently OIA funded a project to review the current U.

We need to find a solution to this issue very soon. I think we're going to have you up there close, too, if you will, sir. We, in turn, ceded authority over our lands to the U.

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Government is a large part of American Samoa's economy. Senator from New Mexico I have a hearing, but the Senate runs the Senate, so I have to comply with their rules. This difficulty is due in part to the economic barriers related to distance to markets and sources of supply, considerations of scale, lack of raw materials, and capital and labor force deficiencies.

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Government ed for 35 percent of total employment, canneries at 26 percent and the remaining 39 percent was in other areas of the private sector excluding the canneries. We could use this valuable time to de and establish a permanent solution to the need for investment incentives in the Looking for lovemarriage Areas. In fact in with 50, visitors it had recovered approximately to and levels.

This basic inflow of funds is that which the remainder of the territory's economy depends.