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Another person I know is in the only znd he's ever had because of it. Joanne, Buckinghamshire A marriage in which one of the persons has a web 'romance', I believe, must already have been in trouble. So the internet will increase the divorce rate but it probably won't do much to damage strong relationships.

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They are not forced at gunpoint to do the things they choose to do. Brian, North UK My friend's husband left her for another MAN he met online - not sure he would have had the guts to go out and search for a real gay lover Free fuck in Gravenhurst the internet enabled him to make a start, and now, to dump his family.

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You cannot blame the internet for divorce rates as it is a human factor to make a marriage work, mmarried human nature usually makes us take the easiest route, for which the internet has indeed provided an easy route to affairs rather than the harder route of reconciliation, counselling and just plain facing up to any problems a marriage may Looking for hardcore piss play. If it weren't for the internet, I wonder how my husband and I would have stayed married!

Perhaps people should consider that technology is merely a tool that is utilised by people to perpetrate certain situations. We are thinking of getting married next year.

Moo, Ln, UK My life has completely changed for the better Joanne, Buckinghamshire When I Wife looking nsa NY Watkins glen 14891 onto the chat rooms I was a lonely wife living alone at home as my husband was working away from home. All for a few strokes of the keyboard. Dictating that dhat should destroy the technology just because some members of the human race can't control themselves is not a valid option. I had an internet relationship that resulted in my meeting the other person in real life.

So, do not blame the technology!

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With many people misguided as to what it does and how it works, it seems a perfect empty void into which society can throw accusations. It's nowray easy to get someone's in a pub or nightclub to send them a joke or something - then start sending caring messages. Read a selection of your comments below. It was a move I was not willing to make and so after a prolonged period we stopped club thousand oaks gay spa.

Nagging in marriage is more common than adultery but can also lead to divorce - wsj

Francisco, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Adult naughtys in bath from Oakbank many people give anf at the first of trouble in a relationship. The Internet is hardly to blame for these trends, any more than the other emergent technologies. Wendy Harrison-Fox, Oslo, Norway While the web makes it much easier to meet people from all over the world, I do not believe that it breaks up marriages Arlene, Houston, Texas, USA While the web makes it much easier to meet people from all over the world, I do not believe that it breaks up marriages.

Jack, London It's possible that the web has facilitated the break-up of relationships.

Married and unhappy chat in norway

Not one was a man until my husband of Dukinfield blowjob personals years wanted a divorce. Kate, London, UK You know what's funny, when you're single and looking for someone on the dating norwah, you can't find anyone.

Married and unhappy chat in norway

MarcLondon, England Certainly. Rob, London I cannot think of anything more dull than chatting to someone on a computer.

If people are going to do it, they will find a way. Yes you hit the ignore button, and you ignored the only real person in your life. I think a lot of people use the internet as an excuse to avoid each other and not talk about their problems. Anon, Switzerland No - it is simply being made an excuse by weak-minded philanderers.

ad Let's not make it easier to blame the web to alleviate the guilt of those who forget the promises they made at their wedding. No land-line, no internet with more quality time together. Liz, UK A lot of the problem is boredom.

When it's just another fight, and when it's over

I became so paranoid, I logged her s and found out that she had begun to take things further than msrried. Anon, London Forget web romances, what breaks marriages up is lack of concern, lack of patience and maybe most of all, lack of a real sense of forgiveness.

Married and unhappy chat in norway

If the web wasn't there, these amoral people would have done it some other way. Alex Kenny, Thurso, Scotland I met my current partner on the internet, and we are getting married next year Rachel, London, UK I met my current partner on the internet, and we are getting married next year. We were married in England.

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Liz, Manc, UK On the contrary, occasionally, meeting up with an 'old flame' on-line from past times can clearly re-enforce your memory banks of how boring and dull that person once was and still is! One was a wife cheating, and the other was my friend encountering an old flame of Friends Reunited. Kidist, Herts - UK My ex-wife started chatting to guys on various sites, after realising that most would buy her nice meals in pricey places. Pam, Boston, USA Chay a married Free sex ads Kearney Nebraska of seven years, who is away on business a lot I started using the internet dating sites while sitting in my hotel room.

Married and unhappy chat in norway

The experience has taught me, that doing what I did was playing with fire and I now stay clear of all chat rooms. If a couple aren't happy, surely that's the cause of a break up? It's made me very wary of relationships now though.