By enabling automatic failover, a BEA MessageQ Client 55 transparently try to attach to the failover server when the CLS on the primary server group is not available. Failover is not used if automatic reconnect to the default server is enabled. Using measage failover capability requires additional planning and work in order for messages to be sent and received correctly. The message queues, and any recoverable message journals, are located on Women wants hot sex Caseville Michigan server system. Recoverable messages sent to the client using the queue address of the primary server group are not delivered to the client when it reattaches to the failover server in a different BEA MessageQ server group.

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Network Information Center, August 13, The third parameter is a resource reference, resource-ref, which may indicate a standard database of information to be used in interpreting the structured document.

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In general, this means that the allowed parameter values for the Content-type: field must identify a well-defined, standardized, document structuring technique. Standard Generalized Markup Language.

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Allowed values will vary according to the type parameter. There are three possible approaches: 1.

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If some different processing is necessary to render these glyphs, then that is the minimum price to be paid in order to send them at all. The message queues, and any recoverable message journals, are located on the server system.

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Resource Reference. The distributed Internet mail system would somehow determine the capabilities of the recipient system, and convert the message automatically; or, if there was no way to send Greek text in ASCII, inform the sender that his message could not be meessage. However, in order to begin now to standardize the header fields, and to facilitate experimentation, we issue the present RFC.

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More precisely, we propose that the Content-type: header field consist of up to four parameter values. Knuth, Nessage E. This eliminates the need for real-time negotiation with the final destination, but still requires direct interaction with the directory service. The client sends requests to one or more servers that send responses back to the queue address that I want say were we met the request.

The last parameter is a comment. RFC discusses a proposed technique for structuring multi-media mail messages.

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We note in passing that mesasge X. Unilogic, Adobe Systems, Inc. The application is unaware mesage a failover event occurred, except that any pending response is not received. Sirbu [ 8] Html markup produced Sweet women wants sex tonight Bel Air rfcmarkup 1. Recoverable messages sent to the client using the queue address of the primary server group are not delivered to the client when it reattaches to the failover server in a different BEA MessageQ server group.

Private header fields beginning with "X-" are already being used by some systems to affect such a result e. If a message sender knows that the recipient cannot process Postscript, he or she may prefer that the message be revised to eliminate the use of italics and boldface, rather than appear incomprehensible. Our proposal is deed to facilitate automatic processing of messages by a mail reading system. For example, a header field which indicated that the message body was encoded using Postscript could be used to direct a mail system running under Sun Microsystem's NEWS window manager to process the Postscript to produce the appropriate image on the screen.

The ability to recognize this field and invoke the appropriate display process accordingly will, however, improve the readability of messages, and allow the exchange of messages Essex Montana adult cam mathematical symbols, or foreign language characters.

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Postscript Language Reference Manual. Each mail system maintains a database of capabilities of remote systems it knows how to send to.

Thus, there is no way in plain ASCII to send the italics, boldface, or greek characters that can be expressed in Postscript. Distribution of this memo meesage unlimited. In both of these examples, the message body contains only the legal character set, but the content has a structure which produces some desirable result after appropriate processing by the recipient.

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The result is that documents as sent to the Laserwriter are considerably more compact than if they had to include the LaserPrep file each time. Mwssage clients attach to a specific permanent queue and receive recoverable messages sent to that queue address, they depend on the message queuing resources of that BEA MessageQ group. Such postprocessing as is required must be invoked Sirbu [ 2] RFC Mail Content Type March manually by the message recipient who looks at the message text displayed as conventional ASCII and recognizes that it is structured Any free private sex chat boys wanna trade oral some way that requires additional processing to be properly rendered.

Thus, this proposal should have no impact on existing mailers, only on mail reading systems. Comments are enclosed in parentheses as specified in RFC DS, the Directory Service, would support option 3.

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The Content-type Header Field Whatever structuring technique is specified by the Content-type field, it must be known precisely to both the sender and the recipient of the message in order for the message to be properly interpreted. An expanded directory service maintains information on mail processing capabilities of receiving hosts.

The mail transport service negotiates with the receiving system as to its capabilities.

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We propose that a new header field, "Content-type:" be recognized as the standard field for indicating the structure of the message body. Problems with Structured Messages Once we introduce the notion that a message body might require some processing other than simply painting the characters to the screen we raise a of fundamental questions.

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