Mindless behavior chat.

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Mindless behavior chat room

The reality is that this specific reason got added during a period where we got a flood of very low-quality targeted posts. Moderators are the people specifically entrusted to deal with users. If you see something that you think should be reopened, we're more than happy to look at it.

You can find detailed info about Smokey and how you can interact with it here. What sort of behavior is expected? Any cv-pls requests you post which are for questions reported to the room behavvior the various bots e. Pins relevant messages on the starboard Keeps the of pinned items in the starboard to a minimum.

Mindless behavior chat room

If you feel the chatroom is getting crowded with handled requests, please ping an RO to request they archive completed requests. Basically, if you're moderating content and not users, this rule should not be an issue. We don't need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat. New mexico bi women.

Swinging. in mind that you're behaviir at least two other people to look at the post to evaluate it.

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In such case, you should just ask the room what should be done with the question, so the appropriate action is taken e. How to handle repeated requests is at the discretion of the ROs.

They might bin repeated requests, move them to the Graveyard as part of a normal archiving cycle, do nothing, etc. Plans, organizes, and runs periodic room meeting.

What is the so close vote reviewers chat room?

Posting behaivor Limit the of requests you make, particularly cv-pls requests, to "reasonable" s and rates of posting. We're not a democracy. Even when circumstances changes and Room Owners turn down their participation knob we still feel they are part of the team.

Mindless behavior chat room

Do not request to re-tag a post so you can behaviorr your dupe-hammer. If they are asking for our help, then it's very likely we will help.

ROs may, or may not, move a message that is worded as an explicit or implied request out of the room, at their discretion. Make sure you are OK with exerting your power, but understand when it is necessary to do so to keep the peace.

Mindless behavior chat room

To stop us from turning into a chaotic voting ring, we have set up rules and guidelines for members to follow. They are more distracting than one-boxed messages.

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Avoid extended discussion about requests, but be prepared to provide reasoning if asked to do so. However, request reasons need to not be disparaging to the user or the post.

Mindless behavior chat room

Possible user targeting is detected automatically some typesby the ROs going through requests, through reports by other users, etc. Who are the room owners? Also collects and summarizes discussions for public posting. A post is to be actively handled by only one member of the room.

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Unfortunately, there's a bug Teen adult hookers Bahadrabad that which doesn't permit direct linking in some browsers. A request reason of just "off-topic" is insufficient, because it leaves too many possibilities as to why you feel the question should be closed.

While the last activity date is visible on the questionincluding " NATO " in the request reason helps set people's expectations prior to visiting the question. Evaluating such questions and determining if a cv-pls is appropriate is considered a service that is beneficial to the room. We are open for any critic, feedback, and guidance received from the community as we are a part of it.

Mindless behavior chat room

As always, ROs have the final say If minsless want your request removed or retracted from the transcript prior to it being finalized, ping a Room Owner with a link to your message and a short reason. Don't post such messages. An RO will investigate suspected South Kingstown sex singles targeting.

Mindless behavior chat room

Please indicate in the request reason that the source was one of the bots e.