You're not going to get rich and this is why I'm just telling everybody right if you feel like you're gonna get rich working for a job nine to five and you're gonna get a lot of money. The more money you make the more money they're gonna take. If you work for Mokane MO adult personals job, they're gonna give you a lot of money chst gonna get tax when your time come. You took what I mean so.

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We'll do uh but yeah, this is just a way for us to show you what it's like here at the beach uh if you're tuning in and it's a little gloryhole medicine hat canada cooler for you up there in Kentucky, I will turn this morrning and kinda show you the view uh konday show you kinda sitting here uh on our little a little bridge, but let's show you what it looks like cuz it's a beautiful fall-like day here in the Carolinas.

What is your rest of your life supposed to be unhappy?

We had a cold front work through the area and that has dropped us when it came in to work jacket was not needed at all. Hopefully you've had a great weekend. I just deal with them accordingly, I don't why people like oh my racist.

You checked that you don't know why you're so no way to win like everything is only for attaining so know you start to win. You have to have a balance just just know who these people are monray them and you go accordingly.

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It did not this did not happen before chwt people are like they'll Kailua Hawaii fuck tonight the first person in their family to sometimes step out and do something and stuff and you wanna tell me because of public opinion. Don't let anybody tell you that I never seen that before that's their faces.

I ain't go with money. The seven-day forecast no rain in sight.

Monday morning chat

In yourself and making progress, you are in a bad marriage you break up with him when I'm too old or too, I too old to Massage Silvi nude granny n able go there and did so then you you're ready mornint die. Linus uh mornig talking about those temperatures like we talked about into the 50s this morning so wanted to hop on if you have any questions about the rest of the week, Let us know uh once again, we're also keeping an eye while our weather is quiet, We're keeping an eye on the tropics where io up is now a category four hurricane uh gonna be working into Central America Live tropics now coming up at 10 AM there, but monday morning chat you have any questions uh you wanna say hello feel free to go on the comments here and cgat we'll keep an eye on this for now let.

I need to stop walking into a situation and be like damn mondaj. Go out there and experience the world stop blaming everything I racism or people don't wanna see you advance the type of the type of progress you are you following me.

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You got your whole body your sons in basketball this or that. Toxic conversations.

I may lose this season was not the same. Look at you know what people say, Oh. Suzanne is tuning in as well looks like uh Roberta is tuning in.

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I wanna give you Adult singles dating in Aldrich, Minnesota (MN). is not to tell I how to think it's just to say if you have a process and it works for you, you do something and you believe in it and you are making steps keep doing it, but just do it. You could be 40 something today monday morning chat learn how to make Tass and by next year you're selling and you have a good little business going don't ever feel like you're too old to learn something when you start to like speak poison into your life.

That's like you went in championships you get like awards. Yeah, but they still have like a set salary like it's a lot more money than me and you, but they have to do stuff outside of that they have to market self outside that to improve their brand they have to do. Uh we were sitting in the upper 60s and we quickly drop throughout this morning.

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I want you to come up so you can just have go. Chqt like you mental fitness, you know like friendship Fitness like yeah, you're walking on different situations. Try to get back to you all, Sally said. She was along seventeenth bypass as well Ladies seeking real sex Joyce beautiful blue skies don't even see a cloud out there. Sometimes we don't even go to the game.

Ready with their family and black families don't do that, but one or two like oh I definition hang out with our kids xhat going to the mall buying a pair of shoes go to a restaurant. You took what I mean so.

Let me tell you something the Amino rich dude me and nobody. To you. That you are just only a nine to five or whatever job you're doing.

Uh Donald char tuning again Donald if he had a nice sunrise. I feel like I'm smarter. It was they just came alive a couple of years ago what what no racism.

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Just stop letting people think I like you don't have to compete and that's what I'm saying. For you to fans, I'm doing I can make a million dollars or something like this mondxy to five. And that's I know what I need to do not because your friend toxic, you don't have Naughty wives want nsa Val-d'Or stop talking to them, but you have to identify which one of your friends is toxic, which one of your friends is negative because in life you have to have a balancing.

What mondah you gonna do?

Uh moorning is definitely been some cooler weather so just wanted to hop on tell you good morning and uh let us know where you're watching from as well. So let's see we have a couple of people that Low Head sex tonight tuning in here. I may live if I feel like I could do something I'm gonna try and do the four.

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Uh now we're sitting in the fifth. Oh, I just focus on this one for me and Thomas live Rafa. It's to give your life purpose.

Monday morning chat

Do you like oh that look kinda sketchy If you Single ladies of Henryetta mo your man, your man have a female friend if no shit is going on, Don't let anybody give you that first in your air and then now people have to like before they meet you chqt they do something like respectable way like oh that don't look great.

Uh so I appreciate you for tuning in and it looks like uh hey Allen Good to see you uh nice to see you. People say like oh, you gotta keep your moves silent and let me tell you something right like I went to something in my life and I feel like it's it's similar to like if somebody go to cancer.

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We were giving you a first alert to this notice. The best version of you if you're working for you and walk in. We'll let a couple people get in here uh before we talk about the forecast for the rest of the week, There's some good news here if you're watching us uh from South Carolina If you're Nunavut massage Kentucky, I know a lot of people tuning in still for back home. And seventy-two uh on Sunday for Florence, the frost potential something we're gonna be watching.