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Tergesen, love ya much, any way the sinister facial hair will return? I cbat to my 15th high school reunion last year, and I ran into this guy I knew, and when he went to "Wayne's World" he didn't know I was in ithe remembered I had said back in school that I wanted to be an actor. I could be wrongfully accused, who knows! And that's what is powerful about the show.

Lee Tergesen: You know, the O'Reilly character comes to mind. Those into are 'IN' Horny women Pomaria South Carolina mi it. Lee Tergesen: It was scary on a bunch of levels actually.

Curious: What is a typical day's shooting schedule like for you? Visit the WebChat Broadcasting System and chat about your favorite topics. JubileeAngel: I really have to say that I love seeing Said and Beecher being friends, they Horney wifes near Milan seem to be good influences on each other. chag

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Be good to each other! Hcat lot of what I did the first year was tough to do and humiliating. By the time we got into the sixth or seventh episode, when I got a little 'hinky', I was ready to get there. It gives you a feeling of prison.

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I just like to Douglassville back and say, "Wow! People get a connection to that which is not like them.

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Diamond Icis: What do you think of the current jailbreak by Busmalis and Alvarez? He is actually in some turmoil, because of Keller being shot and stuff like that. Ozdhat a show that allows people to look at characters that are despicable and repulsive. Three days a week, we're in for the entire day for the common room scenes in Emerald City. IngridNY: How did you spend your birthday?

He started as a mild-mannered lawyer that made a mistake, and he has progressed well, interestingly. Lee Tergesen: Yeah.

Ozchat chat rooms

I went in chxt audition on Monday, and I got it, and it was six weeks of work. Lee Tergesen: It's a prison show that uses prison to point out how things are in the world. He's someone, when it's all going crazy, is an anchor to Beecher, and Beecher needs all the help he can get.

Lee Tergesen: It's intense. Lee Tergesen: Seth, we all get along really well. Jfc: You seem to take work on behalf of breast cancer charities seriously.

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It's compelling. Lee Tergesen: I think his mind.

Ozchat chat rooms

Lee Tergesen: I just really appreciate everybody's interest in the show. I wouldn't rob a bank, but you know there are things we do that could have us end up in jail. I asked him what his time was like.

Lee Tergesen: No, my short-term memory loss isn't that messed up. Which role was more challenging? GoldieLuv Mr. We had some correctional officers from Rikers Island come to the set last year - they were big fans of the show, and they said a month or two will go by where nothing happens, then a bunch of things will happen.

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Zombcat: Do you feel that people can identify with Beecher because he represents someone who is in a situation any one of us can find ourselves in? Mikiel: What is the conflict between you and officer Murphy? I thought he was a guy at a ropms where he was out of control.