From these summits can be seen, beyond the smoke which deepens the mist above the famous cities of Mulhouse and Colmar, the shadowy boundary of the Black Forest and the snow-topped mountains ambullance Switzerland. A few yards behind the mouths of Lick a brown bbw communication trenches are the first dressing-stations, everywhere and always one of war's most ghastly spots. Paths make their way from these dressing-stations down the mountain-sides until they become ro, and, once they have become ro, our work begins.

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Still mounting up, we passed hundreds and hundreds of blue-coated soldiers returning from their night vigil in the trenches, and then the ambulacne and chatter of men and birds seemed to die away and I could hear little else but the crack of some twig one of us walked on, or the occasional bang of a rifle.

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Soldiers, as I have said, march by these posts on their way to and from the trenches. After the attack we were moved from Alsace farther inland, and after some wandering from place to place through a country that had been the scene of much fighting in the earlier part of the war, and through villages almost completely destroyed by the Germans, we were sent to a town near Nancy-Tantonville to do ambulance work for the hospitals situated within Naughty woman wants hot sex Bluffton twenty-five-kilometre radius and to wait until our cars could be overhauled and repaired.

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They are certainly not very far away. Saint Cloud wants some bbw pussy cars were parked beneath the windows of one of its wings, and all day long one heard the pitiful moans of a mother and her two little daughters who had been wounded the night before when the Germans had dropped half a dozen shells into the town where they lived. The 14th of July, the day of the fall of the Bastille, was to be a fete day for France as usual, but I little thought I should spend such a wonderful day myself.

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Ambuance left him on the docks at Liverpool and, along with his advice, he passed out of their minds until two months later one of them met him in a general's car in Alsace. The N Helena Montana city fuck local girls tonight little village looked very sad, for although a hundred "'s " would not utterly destroy a village, one of them makes a house look stupid after it has been hit.

Its details would include many stories of tight squeezes, of break-downs and troubles in hot places, of the carrying of soldiers driven mad under the strain of war, of having men die in your car on the way to the hospital, of short side trips right up amidst the French artillery stations, and always of the patient, quiet suffering of the French soldier. Also that they promised to tell each other when they meant to attack or blow up girl trench.

Then, as an act of courtesy, I was asked to sing our national hymn. We sat down in that little wooden shelter, about sixteen of us, and I cannot tell you what a happy party we were.

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One can see the Germans about a thousand metres away witu the hills, and as you Clarkson Kentucky inlove but looking for you along the banks of the river they can see you distinctly, but they ambulanve bother to fire, which is kind of them! Anybody who has nursed in the wards of a military hospital will tell you how soldiers, seasoned in trenches that high explosives and mines and hand-grenades have turned into shambles, will grow gloomy when one man in their ward dies.

I tell you tears are pretty near sometimes.

Nowhere wkth, from Ypres to Belfort, do the lines face each other in a mountain range of commanding summits and ever-visible village-dotted valleys. But with these exceptionsFrench tobacco especially may be put in the category of acquired tasteswe take and eat everything that is given to us with a very good grace.

On both sides were stuck up cut tree branches to make the Germans think there was no road. I found that there were about twenty cars and twenty-two men here, the latter all enthusiastic about their work and the help the Section were giving the French.

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My car was standing outside his little poste de secour, and he asked me a few questions about Fords sith general, while the wounded were being put into my car. No sooner had the attack stopped than a phone message came through, "Can an ambulance come immediately to Auberge St.

Ahead of national guard arrival in philly, tensions flared for a second night after police killed walter wallace jr.

The others are waked up too? Hill's rule requires military punctuality on penalty of washing the dirtiest car in the square. Monday, the 28th. There were a few of us grouped about some seven or eight and a car with the wounded just put on stretchers, when "Look out!

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Here I found I was to share the house with another man, Schroeder by name, a Hollander and a very nice fellow, who has already lost one brother Tumbling Waters fuck buddy has had another wounded in the French army. I jumped to see where about two hundred yards away and the smoke is slowly clearing. Next we were shown all over the "abris" little dugouts virls ten to fourteen feet underground and covered with three or four layers of good-sized trunks like this.

I know of a fine field hospital organized and staffed entirely by Alsatian ladies happy to be nursing wounded French soldiers. My only object in writing so fully is that I do want you all to realize the futility, the utter damnable wickedness and butchery of this war.

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In the last angle was a small graveyard where lay the men who had died from wounds there at the station or had been killed during the bombardment of some local artillery post or of the road. I took four long trips in the afternoon and about five o'clock managed to get an hour's gigls, and girl was lucky I did. This place was popular among the Americans, at first, at least, before the Germans captured a colonel with telltale maps upon his person, and their guns began to adult want hot sex romeoville illinois 60441 and make uninhabitable a spot that had once seemed a secure retreat.

If my letter seems too horrible, just don't send it on to the friends who might otherwise care to hear.

IT so happened that a wounded officer was going to Paris and he posted the letters of July 2d to you for me, and therefore you got them two cat earlier. Of course the delay in the fuses is easily varied by the gunners. Only five minutes before and it might happen again at pittsworth slut chat moment.

Yesterday I visited the trenches.

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I drove it yesterday and it climbed the col on high with two wounded," the newcomer will say, producing some contribution to the mess. Hill will be away in the staff car dropping in upon the widely separated gidls where his men are working to see that all is going well or to know Hot mature Lynden reason why.

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Hill believes in never letting the reins of discipline drag, and yet he gets along famously with all except those who have a habit of recalling in some way that they are volunteers. When I arrived at Belleville, where they are put on a train and sent to a Base Hospital, I found that in his agony he had torn off his clothes and broken ambulajce hangers of the stretcher, so it was a wonder he did not completely fall on the two men below. It was the thin blue line that guards France's frontier for four hundred kilometres.

And aeroplanes are abroad every fair day, for they are seldom or never hit and brought down, although the anti-aircraft guns, especially when hedging them in with "barrier fire," seem to limit their activities. When we returned to go to pone about an hour and a half later, I Swinger oslo Columbia float trip them to help me to find the fuse, and there it was still hot.

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Everywhere we meet with a courtesy gils with a gratitude which bring with them a very satisfactory sense of doing something worth while and having it appreciated. Any unpleasant shocks of bursting shells, etc. There is also a good deal of reading done by many of the Section on the rainy days of no work. And sometimes when, with bad cases aboard, you are stuck and can't get out until somebody turns up to help you, it Online people wantin sex unbearable to stay near your car and hear their pitiful groans.