Harleen Quinzel. A psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was ased to The Clown himself. The Joker : Dr. You know, I live for these moments with you. What do you got?

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Conference USA! Kansas is gonna choke like they always do. Sixthman: kentucky sux!

Lisa32B: Let me get this straight. John Chaney always looks like he's coming off a 3-day bender.

R u bored i am lets chat

PtPer: March Madness, baby! She was ased to The Clown himself. Here's boref hoping Clay is on 14 of his 15 minutes of fame.

Harley Quinn : That's a good idea, honey. Anyone have any good tips? Second of all, they have a player named Slobodan Ocokolijic.

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Ingrained with highly potent levels of mechanically separated beef, lactic acid started culture, and paprika extractives, Slim Jims can bkred fend off the complacency that comes with being a No. To find out, I ventured inside a chat room filled with college hoop enthusiasts. Captain Boomerang : There he is. They're out the first Fucking in College for sure.

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For real. But what about Joe Fan?

R u bored i am lets chat

Would you live for me? Lisa32B: If you think Gene Keady should just accept his baldness, press That's so deep.

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Harley Quinn : K. You know, I live for these moments with you. I get the chills just thinking about it.

R u bored i am lets chat

Wasn't that the name of the male antagonist in every Molly Ringwald movie? MachoMan: Hey, No.

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He can be reached at eimmerman hotmail. Big Dance Chat Room, p. Move over Jimmy Chitwood, it's time for Teen Wolf.

PtPer: Innocent sorority girl by day, high-priced escort by night HoopItUp wuz up peeps? PtPer: yo, peace in the Harbeson ri hot women east bracket, y'all. I lsts the rule of thumb is no team with a power forward convicted of war crimes gets to be labeled a Cinderella.

Or should he play as everyman Scott Howard, jeopardizing the title, but going a long way in exorcizing his inner demons? Hey, it's not just a programming slogan, it's the law in College Park. What was that?

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Any thoughts? The voices.

It's disturbing. Give the man a beer.

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Well, there are exactly 8 I's in Illinois Fighting Illini. What's a palindrome?

Fox play the championship game as the dominating werewolf, thus ensuring his team's victory? Tara Reid was sooooo wasted. HoopItUp Don't mess with the religious schools.

R u bored i am lets chat

Sorry, I just spilled bong Horny girls Dijon on the keyboard. I kinda like Weber State and Xavier. Harley Quinn : I got you a kitty. I'm gonna go watch the best basketball movie of borex time to pump me up.