We caught each other looking and smiled. When you were leaving in your car we smiled at each other again and I told you to have a nice day.

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If you see this and want to talk some time let me know.

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You take pride in shutting down your feelings. I know.

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I miss you so much. I could tell you were a player, it was quite clear, but dammit, I didn't care.

My feelings were too invested, I was setting myself up to fail. Her ideal match.

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I could see you wanted more but you were to show it. But I want you. So to make a long story short. You were driving a white car but I was to busy looking at you to notice what kind it was all I remember was that the gas cap door was black.

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All them feelings of those years I was "diggin" u came back hard as hell and another smile from ear to ear. I could never tell you any of this, it wouldn't matter anyways.

You're so bad for me in all types of ways and still such a challenge for me, that's why I walked away. When you were leaving in your car we smiled at each other again and I told you to have a nice day.

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But you did, you knew exactly who I was cuz you were crushing on me too. If I'm wrong please tell me. My Gawd I thought I won the fricken lottery! The last 4 months have been fabulous with you. You knew that.

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Then months go by and all the sudden you show up in my on a social network. I initially was right chqt the start.

I think of albant everyday. I just wanted you to know that I thought you were really cute and that smile as you were leaving in your car absolutely made my day. Anyways, this had to be one of the best summer flings I've had in a very long time.

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Thanks again for the smile. The challenge is what triggered my mind. It sucks. I needed that, I need him. Cuz ya know us professional women with careers and their shit together is not the "cool" thing I guess. But anyways, I hope the stripper, former chick is everything u Cheating wives in San clemente CA looking for!!

I've wanted you for years, I would see you around and instantly smile from ear to ear. I really do miss you and I hope I've made the right decision.

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I didn't even think you knew who I was. You made me feel alive again! We caught each other looking and smiled. A man with little emotion. I fell really hard for you, really really hard. You would just tell me to get out of my feelings. You are a player. So years went on and I forgot about you, moved on, until one day I seen you again, I didn't quite know if that was you but by the way I was staring at you I'm sure you knew I was trying to piece it together.