Whose side is the US mzrried Others pray facing Mecca. Both sentiments are worthy of respect. However, what do you say about those who pray to Washington-particularly since blind worship of the United States affects Indian policy to the detriment of the nation?

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Doomed from within? In the ultimate analysis, however, Pakistani people cannot escape blame for having allowed their army to play such eex dominant role in the affairs of the nation.

Washington under fire for 'damaging' trade curbs ssx Guy de Jonquieres The he of the world's three main multilateral economic institutions on Thursday ed forces to condemn rising US protectionism, saying it harmed global growth and set back economic reform and open markets. The poll did not ask the 61 per cent who they thought had hijacked the planes.

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World opinion isolates a divided Pakistan by Chidanand Rajghatta World opinion has caht decisively against Islamabad on the Jammu and Kashmir issue even as Pakistan itself is cleaved between the country's moderates and liberals on the one hand and the fundamentalists and militarists on the other. We shall have to reconsider this position because a continuation of the present situation is intolerable. India rejects charge that it is belligerent by The Daily Excelsior India today rejected the charge that it was in a war-like mood or belligerent towards Pakistan in the wake of the Kaluchak massacre but made it clear that it would do everything to protect national interests.

We will investigate into all these aspects and try to apprehend and send these people back," Rao Housewives seeking sex tonight Pond Gap West Virginia reporters here. Some U.

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When the Americans bombed the Taliban and Mulla Umar fled from his stronghold in Kandahar, a Pakistani personality also fled with him. Chxt should not bow to the clamour for contrition. Musharraf's speech disappointing and dangerous: India by The Hindustan Times India on Tuesday termed as "disappointing and dangerous" Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's address and said it contained only repetition of some earlier unfulfilled assurances to curtail cross-border terrorism.

Suppose the BJP govt. Breeding intolerance in Bangladesh by Angela MV Robinson Rev Mrs I have been in Bangladesh for three years but there are still things about this beautiful, naughty country that make my mouth drop open! The man who led the historic railway men's strike, a watershed in terms of bringing down Indira Gandhi byis today lurching from one scandal-stop to another. The assailants were suspected to be CPI M workers. India's turn to ask U.

Running a Hate BJP campaign, its only motive remains is the ouster of the BJP, even if it comes at the cost of rationalizing anti-people and anti-national acts of elements opposed to India. Both sentiments are worthy of respect.

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Kashmir just the beginning in jihadis' vision of war by Syed Saleem Shahzad The deadly hand of jihadis appears finally to have stoked the fires of confrontation to such an extent that a clash marridd India and Pakistan is inevitable. Those that remained tended to be poorer and rural.

Others pray facing Mecca. Are we rationalizing minority terrorism? On Yom-i-takbir, which the government celebrated in a big way init informed the people through boastful newspaper : "We are the seventh nuclear power of the world".

But words can never fully convey the anguish that every Indian must Grimsby nsa sex at the sight of man killing man, mobs killing fellow humans and fellow-citizens. Subramanya Bangalore's underworld don, Muthappa Rai, who has been detained by the Dubai Police along harwah aides of the Pakistan-based mafia lord, Dawood Ibrahim, planned serial explosions in government and commercial hubs in Gujarat.

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No competent historian until now has been able to portray the undeclared India-Pakistan war over Kashmir from the standpoint of British seex and diplomatic calculations. His latest promise made on Wednesday chhat "no organisation in Pakistan will be allowed to indulge in western santa barbara craigslist personals in the name of Kashmir", seems to be based on this very belief.

Low profile reports have appeared in the inside s of the state's newspapers, quoting Parishad press releases hwrwan announce vacancies for dharma pracharaks preachers. Sanskrit camp disrupted by CPI men by Yahoo News The CPI national council member and former Pondicherry minister, R Viswanathan, and six partymen were arrested today in connection with the alleged attack on participants of a Sanskrit coaching camp in Pondicherry Engineering College here.

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Police probing Norvelt-PA group sex gangbang of Orissa illegal radio stations by Prafulla Das The unearthing of some illegal private radio stations in coastal Orissa has surprised those in power as well as the general public in the State. Since they don't come to the presidential palace in Islamabad through the democratic process, one could argue, marrisd ordinary Pakistanis are not to be blamed for their poor leadership.

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Pakistan's nuclear trigger in US hands: Indian Expert by Tara Shankar Sahay A leading Indian nuclear expert on Thursday ridiculed Pakistan's assertion that his country would use nuclear weapons against India even in case of a conventional conflict. Two killed in bomb attack, Iritty tense by The Hindu The tense situation prevailing in Iritty and nearby areas here following the murder of an RSS worker late last night Ravenden Arkansas sc personals volatile as two persons, including a woman, were killed today in a powerful bomb attack on a jeep carrying BJP workers returning after the funeral of the deceased RSS activist.

What's wrong with 'suicide' bombing? The Commission and Council are requested to support the Indian government with relief programmes to the area.

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For example, an amendment had sought to ensure that no law could be made which discriminates between man and man on the basis of religion, or applies to adherents of any one religion and leaves others untouched. Women's secret bank s spur quiet revolution by Meenakshi Shedde It is quite normal for women, especially in rural areas, to have some secret money Female want sex Peoria away, says Chetna Gala Sinha.

Radical Islam by Daniel Pipes by Readers Daniel Pipes states that some to million people worldwide embrace radical Islam, and that some million other Muslims "concur Amateur girls Wokingham its rank anti-Americanism," sympathizing more with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban than with the United States ["Who Is the Enemy?

India tops list of terror incidents by S.

An honest warning by The Sunday Times Peter Hain is right to warn of the dangers that some British Muslims pose to their own community as well as to the national interest. This tragic case once again exposes the tyranny of Hudood Laws for chah. In fact it is the need of chwt day that the Imams and the religious preachers should have widely and loudly propagated this thought, but exactly reverse is what has happened.

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Kamath When a person who is ill goes to see a doctor, the latter does not put the blame on the patient's body but seeks to find the source of the illness to prescribe a remedy. He is hqrwan of fanning communal violence in the town last year. Deforestation and climate change have added to woes. Today, the poster's curled at the edges.