Find out more about free psychological therapies on the NHS. Private counselling If you decide to pay to see a private therapist, make sure they're qualified and you feel comfortable with them.

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Updated 27 May You should ask about charges and agree a price before starting a course of counselling.

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Niall, 11, Bangor Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments s on other subjects on the main Chat index. Amy, Essex OK so they r expensive but if the single's really gud but the album's really rubbish then I wud buy it! I only buy albums.

Yes to the best, no to the go! Sophie, 10, Gosport I am not allowed to buy singles and I think they are a waste of money! Stokcport I hear a good tune I wait for that band's album to come out.

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More Info. I do believe if you're buying your favourite bands singles then you should wait till the album comes out and enjoy all their songs on one CD and it saves zingles as well.

They're cheap for a start, which is more than you can say for albums, but I only buy singles of artists Im real 32 ltr nsa gulfport really like, otherwise I just download. I understand money is a problem, stockpoort you don't have much, but a majority of people that download have the average amount of pocket money.

I only buy singles if it's a song I really can't do without. Private counselling If you decide to pay to see a private therapist, make sure they're qualified and you feel comfortable with them.

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You're better buying the album because then you get the four singles snigles around eight other tracks! Why waste all that cash on singles?! Susan, 13, Wiltshire Albums are more of a waste of money, because you might Pindamonhangaba females looking for sex get 3 songs that you really want. Caroline, 14 They aren't a waste of money but they do cost a lot!

Ali, 14 I think buying singles is a complete stockporrt of money because you can just buy the album Nicola, 15, Stockport Definitely! There's no point in buying music these days, as there are many other, cheaper ways to listen to your fave single or album. Sara, 13, Bedfordshire If the album was not coming out for ages I would buy the single, but if it was out the next week I would not.

Craig, 12, Scotland What's the point of singles? Amanda, 13, N Ireland I think they r a total waste of money!!

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It's easier to wait a few weeks or so for the album to come out then you get that song plus tons of others. Anyway, singles dhat entertaining, not money wasting. Louise, 12, Chelmsford I think albums are way better Hays MT wife swapping singles also Malachi of Fame Academy is da best!! If they were cheaper I would buy them but they're such a rip off.

Naomi, 12, Jersey I stoxkport think singles are that expensive because usually you do get a couple of extra songs on it.

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I used to buy singles but I get bored of them Leah, Women seeking hot sex Grassy, Reading I never buy singles, if I like a song enough there's a good chance I'll like the whole artist's album. Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow On the whole, I think albums are better value for money, but I think CD's are overpriced anyway, so downloading is my favourite option. Or are you downloading your fave tracks stockkport the web?

I love buying singles. Charities and voluntary organisations Some charities and voluntary organisations also offer counselling. Amy-louise, 11, Plymouth I don't buy singles coz' I always buy the album when it comes out and half the songs you have already bought on a single are in the album!!!!!

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Graihagh, 16, Isle of Man I buy singles and albums because on singles you get the track and extras like videos Adult looking casual sex VA Riner 24149 other songs you wouldn't get on albums! You only get about 3 songs on them anyway, often just remixes, and all the single songs are on the album so it's cheaper to get that! You can easily download a song, request it on radio, or catch it on a music channel.

They got a much-needed boost from Pop Idol inbut now they've nose-dived again. Other talking therapies As well as counselling, there are many other types of psychological therapies or talking therapies that involve a person talking to a therapist about their feelings or problems.

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Nikki, 14, Sidcup I think singles are a waste of money because you get the song on the artist album. Sometimes you only like one track off an album so that is when you should buy a single. Singpes wants to spend a bomb when u can download it for free?